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Tonya has been a Creative Entrepreneur for over 25 years with industry elites. She has designed properties for Professional Athletes, Hollywood Actresses, Collegiate Coaches, 1031 Investors, Strategic Asset Management Companies, Foundation Founders, CEO’s, Physicians, Professional Singer/Songwriters, and more.

You HAVE a lot of investment properties and need your RETURN ON INVESTMENT ASAP. Tonya’s Proprietary EPIC Design System takes you from information to transformation in three simplified steps that can help with your tax exchange or your properties' performance. Time to “BOOST YOUR CAP RATE QUICKLY” without the frustration of waiting on & finding a designer!

We help tax-exchange investors to boost their cap rate efficiently and effectively by leveraging our Airbnb Design Expertise, Research and Excellence. Within minutes of completing our three-step Simplified Epic Design System, investors can maximize their cap rate by stocking, unlocking and loading their Air BNBs giving them an advantage over their competition and a quicker return on investment!


Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

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  • “Do I need to get an outdoor firepit?
  • ​“How many chairs do I need”
  • ​“Do you have a list of kitchen items for Florida on the coast AND California ranch?”
  • ​“Should I put a desk in this room or just side tables?”